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Simply Sing currently delivers one day workshops or 5-week solo singing/ speaking confidence courses for school students.
The turmoil and stresses of school life, can at times move students away from a connection to their singing voice. Simply Sing helps students to very quickly find and regain confidence in their speaking and singing voice, while also building their own self-confidence.  We are enabling students to find more ease in how they speak, sing and generally function in their daily life. We believe everybody can sing and with the right tools, we help young people to transcend their insecurities around singing and speaking.

Fun and innovative methods to help students reach their personal singing/speaking goals:

Confidence-building techniques for singing & speaking

Singing/ Speaking games

Speaking/ Singing performance practice

Vocal Mindfulness

Physical and vocal exercises

Performance skills (including open mic training)


Vocal feedback

Student to Student Mentoring

We have worked with transition year students, students preparing for their school musical and students preparing for their Leaving Certificate music exam. Depending on the need, we can work with any class. We tailor our workshops and courses to suit the students.

"Finding this common ground, and the resultant camaraderie, is what makes Simply Sing so special. It equips people to stand up and do an Open Mic performance. Being able to “own” your singing voice in public ignites a wonderful sense of achievement and confidence that can bolster courage and resilience across all areas of life."


"Simply Sing was fantastic and really helped me to 'find my voice' in the workplace. I was sceptical of how it would work in a corporate environment, but really helped and exceeded my expectations"


"Before I did my course with Simply Sing, I lacked confidence in my voice and would be nervous to sing in front of anyone. Aside from the the massive improvement I noticed in my voice in such a short space of time Simply Sing also helped my confidence both in singing and in other parts of my life."

Workshops & Courses


Corporate Workshops

One 2 One