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Engage in the process of effortless speaking or singing, gain confidence, mental clarity, stillness and develop an authentic on-stage presence.
You don’t have the courage to sing in front of others. You are struggling to pluck up the courage to talk at meetings. You are terrified at speaking in front of an audience.  Whatever the challenge is for you speaking or singing, we can change that for you. In 1 hour or 2-hour sessions, we will help you gain a new-found confidence in your speaking or singing voice.

During the sessions we use the following methods to help you reach your desired goal;

Vocal Mindfulness

Physical and vocal awareness exercises

Solo singing/ Speaking confidence building techniques

Singing/ Speaking improvisation

Speaking/ Singing performance practice

Presentation skills



Script work

Vocal feedback


"Finding this common ground, and the resultant camaraderie, is what makes Simply Sing so special. It equips people to stand up and do an Open Mic performance. Being able to “own” your singing voice in public ignites a wonderful sense of achievement and confidence that can bolster courage and resilience across all areas of life."


"Simply Sing was fantastic and really helped me to 'find my voice' in the workplace. I was sceptical of how it would work in a corporate environment, but really helped and exceeded my expectations"


"Before I did my course with Simply Sing, I lacked confidence in my voice and would be nervous to sing in front of anyone. Aside from the the massive improvement I noticed in my voice in such a short space of time Simply Sing also helped my confidence both in singing and in other parts of my life."

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