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         Online & Offline Staff Vocal Training 

Every year good communication skills are ranked as one of the TOP 10 most desirable soft skillsets for employers. In Simply Sing our work in business enable employees of all levels to not only be good communicators but great communicators.  We give staff the tools to confidently develop their communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), presentation skills, pitching skills and how to have even greater personal presence and impact.

Our communications training is for junior to senior-level staff. Our work can support both internal and external leadership development programmes.

See workshop/ courses below we currently deliver;

Communications Training for Remote Teams

Managers/ Team Leaders transform your online meetings.  Inspire and invigorate your staff by using your body and voice better.  We are now being forced to deliver Zoom/ Skype/ Team sessions to small or large audiences. We will help you to gain confidence, find ease in your delivery, and learn techniques on how to use your body and voice when leading remote team meetings. These sessions can be delivered one2one or in groups.

Online Theatre Comedy Improvisation

Uplift and bond your team sitting at home right now. Improvisational theatre has moved into business schools and boardrooms and now Simply Sing are offering it online. Discover how you can continue to help finance your team’s soft skills (listening, body language, communicating effectively, team building, well-being, and much more) while they sit at home. We can give you and your team a serious advantage in the ‘Game of LIFE’ while having a whole lot of FUN DOING IT.

C suite Executive Vocal Coaching

You can already confidently deliver pitches and speeches to a small or large audience, but you want to get that extra edge above others.  Simply Sing will help you to stand out and deliver unforgettable speeches.  We will help you to gain more impact and presence in how you speak and use your body.

Manager’s Toolbox

We will train you or your management team on how to use the voice and body language to influence your staff for better and impact change when difficult conversations are needed.  This can be delivered individually or in a group setting.

Vocal Confidence Training

Help support and build vocal confidence with your new and emerging leaders.  We help staff to gain vocal confidence in all of all types of work scenarios  (meetings, presentation, pitching, phonecalls etc)  This can be delivered to groups and individuals.  We offer it for new and emerging leaders.


*We always work directly with the company to tailor their specific needs.  For further information on the above or for a more customised offering, we would be more than happy to talk to you. Please email hello@simplysing.ie or call 0876974332



Click here to read some of our most recent testimonials. We have worked with both staff individually and in groups from many companies, some examples below are;



Presentation & Pitching Skills



Vocal Confidence building techniques

Comedy Improvisation

Vocal Mindfulness- practicing being fully focused on your singing/speaking

Physical and Vocal Awareness exercises

Live Performance Practice & Tips


"Finding this common ground, and the resultant camaraderie, is what makes Simply Sing so special. It equips people to stand up and do an Open Mic performance. Being able to “own” your singing voice in public ignites a wonderful sense of achievement and confidence that can bolster courage and resilience across all areas of life."


"Simply Sing was fantastic and really helped me to 'find my voice' in the workplace. I was sceptical of how it would work in a corporate environment, but really helped and exceeded my expectations"


"Before I did my course with Simply Sing, I lacked confidence in my voice and would be nervous to sing in front of anyone. Aside from the the massive improvement I noticed in my voice in such a short space of time Simply Sing also helped my confidence both in singing and in other parts of my life."

Workshops & Courses


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