Simply Sing, Solo Singing Confidence Coaching

Simply Sing is an innovative company that runs solo singing confidence workshops and courses. The purpose of Simply Sing is to empower people to unleash confidence in the solo singing voice. Using the unique Simply Sing method, we have helped hundreds of people conquer their solo singing fears, enabling them to sing solo and actually enjoy it.

The perfect voice has become so revered, we find that people are actually pushed further away from believing in that they can sing solo or should even try. Simply Sing is changing people’s mindset on the solo singing voice and making solo singing more accessible for anyone who has the urge to sing.

Simply Sing is open to all ages and all levels of singing abilities. We very much welcome all types of singing genres and styles.

Simply Sing Method

In a group setting or in a one2one session the Simply Sing method encompasses;

Vocal Mindfulness- practicing being fully focused on your singing

Physical and vocal exercises

Confidence-building techniques for solo singing

Singing games

Performance practice & tips

Open mic training

Vocal feedback