Simply Sing- Voice Confidence Coaching for Individuals & Companies


Simply Sing is empowering people into even greater voices and even greater lives all over the world. 


We have a mission to be the world’s most respected and most impactful vocal coaching service. To do this, we have a very specialised and highly effective online and offline vocal training that currently exists no-where else in the world. All our coaches are trained to the highest standards and treated with the utmost respect in a culture that supports all its team members.  We consistently strive to provide exceptional training standards to all of our customers, standing by our goal that no singer or speaker will ever leave Simply Sing session without being impacted on a certain level whether big or small.


About us

Simply Sing is an innovative company that runs solo singing & speaking confidence workshops and courses both offline and online. The purpose of Simply Sing is to empower people to unleash confidence in their own unique voice.  We are NOT a choir or singing/ speaking lessons in the formal sense. We take a more creative and innovative approach in helping participants find their own voice.  We specialise in virtual communications, helping all those who are forced to present, pitch, or participate in online meetings or those who want to get better a doing social media lives.


Using the integrative Simply Sing method, we have helped thousands of people conquer their fears and be brave, enabling them to sing or speak publicly and actually really enjoy it.

In finding your voice, participants fundamentally find out who you are.  They connect with their greatest essence, no longer hiding in the corners of the world.  They step up and say this is who I am.  No more holding themselves small.   Simply Sing helps them to sing or speak to a new and better version of themselves.

Simply Sing is changing people’s mindset on the solo singing voice and making solo singing more accessible for anyone who has the urge to sing.

Simply Sing Method

In a group or in a one2one vocal training session the Simply Sing method encompasses;

Vocal Mindfulness- practicing being fully focused on your singing/speaking

Physical and vocal techniques

Singing/ Speaking games

Drama & Theatre Improvisation

Singing/ Speaking games

Live Performance practice & tips


Vocal Feedback- how to give & receive vocal feedback