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Singing Makes You Happy- It is officially been proven

Could it actually possible that singing makes you happy?   We are always so amazed how people would walk out of our workshops with so much joy.  I know we do a good job!!!, but it can’t just be that.  Not everybody is going to like what we do, however, our participants always leave happy.  We have been trying to track down a research student who might study the benefits of singing and in particular solo singing.  Now we actually have some new proof that something fundamentally happens in the mind and body when participants sing that in turn makes them happy.   Check out the video below to find out more.

Can singing make you happier? | Trust Me I'm A Doctor

According to this study, singing can improve your mental health. 🎶🎤😲(via BBC Two)

Posted by BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

To add to this research made, we also believe that the right circumstances need to be set up to allow for the optimum amount of singing happiness.  Simply Sing focuses on the body, mind, and voice allowing a more integrated vocal experience which in turn brings more happiness into the voice and into the person.  We cannot say that we have found the key to optimum singing happiness. It is highly possible that certain participants might not like the Simply Sing method but will still benefit from it as the right circumstances for optimum singing happiness have been set up for them.   However, we shall continue this research and come back to you. If you are reading this now and would like to do some research on the solo singing voice and happiness, we would love to hear from you.  Email us at

For now, let’s keep singing wherever we are and turn the world upside down with happiness!